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Oakhill Children's Centre

Oakhill Children's Centre is a newly built childcare centre delivering high quality and inclusive early education and care for children from birth to five. Our team of nurturing and experienced educators will partner with you to develop a play-based learning program that helps your child realise their potential. Even more importantly, our educators will ensure your child is safe, secure and happy while at Oakhill Children's Centre.

Highlights of our childcare centre

  • An intimate home-like setting that ensures children feel happy, calm and ready to learn. 
  • Bilingual educators that reflect the diversity of our families and expose children to exciting new cultural learning experiences.  
  • Engaging and flexible indoor and outdoor play spaces filled with plenty of natural resources to support children's learning.
  • Delicious and healthy meals prepared by our friendly and talented chef to fuel children’s growth and development.
  • Parents and educators can share and receive live updates about children’s learning from anyway via the Storypark ePortfolio.
  • Busy parents can take advantage of our on-site maternal and child health nurse.
  • Excursions, meals and nappies are included within our daily childcare fees, which means there are no hidden costs for families.

Oakhill Children's Centre vacancies change frequently. Register your interest in our centre here.

Kindergarten 2022 & 2023 Session Times


"My daughter Lola is so happy in the kinder room at Oakhill. Her educators Matara and Hannah have created a positive and engaging learning environment. I am particularly impressed with the yoga, reading and the introduction of reading and writing. I am delighted with Happy Feet and the way Hannah and Matara have introduced phonetics through song and movement. I love the approach that Matara and Hannah have taken, and Lola loves going to kinder and playing with her male and female friends. They have helped to create a positive and inclusive area for the children and should receive recognition for their efforts." - Eugenia T
"Frankie has absolutely flourished in the environment you have created – his communication skills, social awareness, confidence and creativity continues to amaze us. Shamona, Saba, Gracie & Sidrah all have such a remarkable energy as individuals, and together- they create a dynamic that is hard to put your finger on.  I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have this team of educators caring for my children in these crucial, developmental years." - Elodie H
"My very first child, Sinan, attends Oakhill Children's Centre and l love it! The place is just so welcoming, and the staff are amazing. The food is absolutely delicious - a great variety, including lots of fruits and veggies. Such a mix of cultures and activities too - what a wonderful learning experience for my son in his early years." Ban F

Play is the best way for children to learn. That's why at Oakhill Children's Centre, your child's early education program will incorporate a variety of open-ended and structured play-based experiences. Activities will be guided by your child's interests and capabilities, ensuring your child gets the most out of their childcare experience. 

Activities will include:

  • language and literature
  • music and movement
  • art and craft
  • dramatic play
  • science and maths  
  • sensory motor activities
  • activities to promote physical coordination.

These play-based experiences will help your child develop important social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive skills.

All our programs are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework “Belonging, Being and Becoming” and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Integrated four-year-old kindergarten

Our integrated kindergarten program is led by our wonderful bachelor qualified teacher. It features a variety of play-based learning experiences that help prepare children for the transition to school.

Our kindergarten program is a convenient and flexible option for families requiring care outside of kinder hours and during school holidays.

Oakhill Children's Centre's indoor play spaces are filled with an abundance of natural light, providing a bright and welcoming environment. Our rooms feature an open-plan design that enables teachers to set up flexible play experiences that foster children’s imagination, curiosity and exploration.

We have a wonderful natural outdoor environment where children can explore, play and learn. Your child will have access to our array of natural resources and play equipment to support their development, including:

  • a sandpit
  • bikes
  • digging patches
  • a cubby house
  • climbing equipment.          

Your child’s program will be delivered by Oakhill Children's Centre's experienced, passionate and nurturing teachers. Our educators' number one priority is ensuring each child receives the best possible childcare experience. 

Educators will work in partnership with you – your child’s most important teacher – to develop an early learning program that reflects and builds on your child’s interests, curiosities and skills. Educators will also recognise and celebrate your child's unique background and culture, incorporating these into their childcare program. 

Educators will share live updates about your child’s development via Storypark - a secure, login-based ePortfolio. Documentation may include photographs, videos, learning stories, and samples of your child’s work. Storypark will also allow you to contribute to and comment on what your child is doing while in care. You can share your family activities and your child’s updates with educators via Storypark too.

If your child has additional needs, our teachers can connect your family with specialist support.