Early Years Management

ECMS is a leading Victorian Early Years Manager. 
Early Years Management (EYM) was introduced by the Department of Education and Training (DET) in 2016 to replace Kindergarten Cluster Management (KCM). Early Years Managers have expertise in the delivery of high-quality early childhood education and care services. 
The move towards EYM is designed to reduce the management and administrative burden on volunteer committees and support kindergartens so they can continually increase their service standards.

    The Benefits of Early Years Management

For Children
Children benefit from high-quality, inclusive services provided by professionals who are well supported to adopt contemporary and evidence-based practices.

For Families
Families can focus on supporting their children’s learning, free of the compliance, industrial, financial and operational obligations required of approved early childhood service providers.

For Educators
Educators benefit from organisational structures and processes that support them in their day-to-day work, but also have a view of the future, creating career pathways and professional development opportunities that align with their aspirations.

For more information about how Early Years Management works and its benefits, visit the DET website.

    ECMS as an Early Years Manager


ECMS offers a ‘wrap-around’ response to meet the unique needs of the children and families in each community. We provide our network of early learning and care services with expertise, support and resources in:

Educational Program and Practice

ECMS early years services have access to high-quality resources and support in service leadership, pedagogy, partnerships, policy, advocacy, and inclusion.

People and Capability

ECMS’ human resources specialists manage recruitment, leadership, policies, professional development, reward and retention in each early years service.

Communications and Marketing

Our communications and marketing specialists are responsible for ensuring the ECMS brand and the local service is well positioned and promoted to ensure the sustainability of services and positioning of the organisation.

Financial Management

ECMS’ expert finance team transparently manage the financial aspects of the operation of the service.


ECMS develops strong partnerships with key stakeholders, including local government. These partnerships enable us to work consistently to provide families with a streamlined process for enrolment as well as access to other support services.

Parent Engagement

Parents can contribute to their child’s early learning experience and access resources and information to affirm and support them in their role.


ECMS staff and families have access to technology that facilitates communication, collaboration, and streamlines systems and processes.

Leadership and Advocacy

As a leading early childhood education and care provider, ECMS advocates on behalf of the thousands of children, families, and communities we serve.


Please contact us for more information on partnering with ECMS to provide quality early learning and care.