Media centre

As a leading provider of early childhood education and care, ECMS can comment on a number of matters relating to our sector.

We can also assist media outlets and journalists in coordinating photo, filming and interview opportunities with children, families and early childhood educators.

Media enquiries

Siobhan McCann - Director of Communications and Marketing

Phone: 03 8481 1102



Dr Judith Sloan - ECMS CEO


Janet Williams-Smith – General Manager, Service Development and Strategy

Janet has a strong background in social justice, social inclusion and practice and policy development in Australia and the UK.
Before joining ECMS, Janet worked at the Children’s Protection Society for five years. In this role, Janet designed and delivered care and education models for children at risk of abuse and neglect. Janet also managed a randomised controlled trial research partnerships into the benefits of high-quality early childhood education and care for children at risk.

Janet worked at the Brotherhood of St Laurence for five years too, designing care models and developing programs for refugee children and families experiencing prolonged trauma and displacement.

Janet holds qualifications in early years care & education, registrations in general and psychiatric nursing and a Masters in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Systemic Family Therapy.