ECMS policies

ECMS has developed a range of policies to cover all aspects of operation, quality, health, safety and wellbeing in our early learning and care centres. Our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated in line with relevant changes in legislation and regulations. Please contact us or speak to your child’s educators if you have questions or feedback. 


Acceptance or Refusal of Authorisation Policy

Acceptance or Refusal of Authorisation Procedure

Administration of First Aid Policy

Administration of First Aid Procedure

Anaphylaxis Policy                                                                                                                     

Anaphylaxis Procedure

Asthma Prevention and Treatment Policy

Childcare Fees Policy

Child Safe Culture Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Complaints and Feedback Policy

Complaints and Feedback Procedure

Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy

Dealing with Medical Conditions Procedure

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy

Determining the Responsible Person Policy

Determining the Responsible Person Procedure

Diabetes Policy

Diabetes Procedure

Emergency and Evacuation Management Policy

Enrolment Procedure

Excursion Policy

Excursion Procedure

Governance and Management of ECMS Policy

Incident Reporting Policy

Incident Reporting Procedure

Infectious Diseases Policy

Infectious Diseases Procedure

Interactions with Children Policy

Interactions with Children Procedure

Kindergarten Fees Policy

Nutrition Food Beverages Dietary Requirements Policy

Nutrition Food Beverage Dietary Requirement Procedure

Orientation Policy

Privacy Policy Collection Statement of ECMS

Sleep and Rest Policy

Sleep and Rest Procedure

Sun Protection Policy

Sun Protection Procedure

Volunteers and Students Policy

Volunteers and Students Procedure

Water Safety Policy

Water Safety Procedure

Whistleblowing Policy