Quality childcare to amplify your child's development

We understand how precious your child is. So we can appreciate what an important decision choosing childcare is for your family. 
You’ll no doubt be looking for a centre where your child will be safe, nurtured, stimulated and happy. But it also needs to be close to your work or home, within your budget and have availability on the days you need.
And it doesn’t stop there.
Because quality childcare is about so much more than ‘caring’ for children. Quality childcare also helps children develop vital physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional skills that will support them throughout life. 
That’s why at ECMS we prefer to call it ‘early learning and care’.
And if you’re a Melbourne family looking for quality early learning and care for your child that fulfills these criteria, ECMS is here to help. We operate 11 high-quality early learning and care centres across Melbourne.

Find your closest ECMS childcare centre

Early learning the ECMS way

All children are unique. That’s why all ECMS early learning programs are designed to give each child the best start to their educational journey.
And while no two ECMS early learning centres are the same, at every ECMS centre you will find:

High-quality programs

  • Quality education and care for children aged from three – six months to six years, including an integrated four-year-old kindergarten program. 
  • Early learning programs that reflect the Government’s National Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Programs that feature fun play-based activities designed to develop your child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional skills.
  • Regular incursions, and excursions in the local community, to expose your child to diverse experiences and environments.

Experienced educators

  • Talented and qualified educators who love what they do, and who continue to build their knowledge and skills. 
  • Educators who can connect your family with specialist support if your child has additional needs.

Strong partnerships

  • Your child will be valued and respected for their uniqueness and what they can contribute to their early learning experience. 
  • Educators will work in partnership with you – your child’s most important educator - to optimise your child’s development.

Engaging environments

  • Engaging outdoor learning environments for your child to explore.
  • Inviting indoor environments filled with plenty of natural resources to support your child’s learning.

Additional benefits

  • A diverse menu of home-cooked and nutritious meals, which can be tailored to your child’s dietary requirements.
  • Nappies for babies and help with toilet training for older children if required.

Childcare fees

The Child Care Benefit (CCB) is available to every family, regardless of income. This is to assist with the payment of childcare fees by reducing the cost.
For further information about payments for families to assist with childcare costs, please contact the family assistance office on 136 150 or visit your local centrelink or medicare office.
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