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A Big Win to the Somers Parade Community

The Somers Parade Kindergarten secured a $200,000 grant and has big plans to revamp its outdoor area to create an inclusive sensory play space.

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24 November 2022

Free Kinder 2023

Three- and Four-Year-Old Kinder will be free in 2023 and available in both long day care and sessional (standalone) settings. Free Kinder means more Victorian children can have the best start in life.

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23 November 2022

Mt Atkinson Kindergarten Opening 2023

Kindergarten opening in 2023 in the heart of new Mt Atkinson development.
The Mt Atkinson Kindergarten offers free-kindergarten programs for three- and four-year-old children, adding over 300 early learning places to the local...

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9 November 2022

Helpful tips for engaging in meaningful digital documentation and communication

Online communication platforms can be great because early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals can easily share easily accessible information with families about what is going on in the service.

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16 September 2022

Proposed 2023 3&4yo Kindergarten Timetables

Find out what programs are proposed next year at ECMS services within your local government area.

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4 May 2022