Quality kindergarten to amplify your child’s development

Enrolling your child in a quality three and four-year-old kindergarten program is a proven way to amplify their early development. Kindergarten works alongside home-based learning, equipping children with the skills and confidence they need to start school well. 
ECMS operates more than 50 high-quality three and four-year-old kindergarten programs all over Melbourne. 
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Early learning the ECMS way

All children are unique. That’s why all ECMS kindergarten programs are designed to give each child the best start to their educational journey.
And while no two ECMS kindergartens are the same, at every ECMS kindergarten you will find: 

High-quality programs

  • Quality three and four-year-old kindergarten programs that reflect the Government’s National Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Programs that feature fun play-based activities designed to develop your child’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional skills.
  • Regular incursions, and excursions in the local community, to expose your child to diverse experiences and environments.

Experienced educators

  • Talented and qualified educators who love what they do, and who continue to build their knowledge and skills. 
  • Educators who can connect your family with specialist support if your child has additional needs.

Strong partnerships

  • Your child will be valued and respected for their uniqueness and what they can contribute to their early learning experience. 
  • Educators will work in partnership with you – your child’s most important educator - to optimise your child’s development.

Engaging environments

  • Engaging outdoor learning environments for your child to explore.
  • Inviting indoor environments filled with plenty of natural resources to support your child’s learning.

Kindergarten fee payments

Four-year-old kindergarten

The government’s Department of Education and Training (DET) provides partial funding to go towards the costs of the four-year-old kindergarten program for your child. This does not cover the entire cost of running the kindergarten service. Kindergarten fees are payable for children enrolled in an ECMS service, each term.

Fee subsidies for four-year-old kindergarten

Subsidies are available to eligible families to attend the four-year-old kindergarten program at no cost, or a minimal cost. Please contact our fees department for the concession rate applicable to your circumstance. Fifteen hours per week of four-year-old kindergarten is funded by the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy (KFS).
To be eligible you need to meet at least one of the government's following criteria:
  • You are a parent/guardian or child who holds a current Health Care Card
  • You are the holder of a Pensioner Concession Card/Visa 200-217/447/451/785/786
  • You are the holder of a Bridging Visa A-F or Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Gold Card
  • You have a triplet or quadruplet attending in the same year.
Families eligible for a Centrelink or DVA concession must complete a Centrelink Confirmation eServices (CCeS) consent form and provide a photocopy of their Health Care/Pensioner Concession/DVA Card. For triplets or quadruplets attending in the same year, a copy of the birth certificates need to be posted, faxed or emailed to ECMS. Health Care Card holders must submit the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy form and a copy of their Health Care Card to ECMS by 30 September each year to receive the subsidy. Health Care Cards received after this date will not be able to receive any subsidies or refunds. For twins attending there is a $15.00 discount per child, per term. This subsidy is available for both the three and four-year-old programs. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are also eligible for the subsidy. Please visit the Family Assistance website for further information or telephone them on 13 61 50.
Please contact us at any time throughout the year if your circumstances change and you become eligible for a fee subsidy. We will let you know what documentation is required.

Fee subsidies for three-year-old kindergarten

Early Start Kindergarten (ESK) funding is available for three-year-old kindergarten to:
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  • Three-year-old children known to Child Protection or referred from Child Protection to Child First.
For further information, please contact The Department of Education (DET) or visit their website.