Kindergarten Resources

We’ve gathered valuable information and resources to support your family through your child’s early learning journey at kindergarten.

Funding for kindergarten

Free kinder programs

Enrolling your child in kindergarten sets them up for a great start in life. Free Kinder programs, available thanks to the Victorian government, are offered in both our long day care and standalone kindergarten settings. Three- and four-year-old children can access up to 15 free kindergarten hours each week, with enrolment limited to one Free Kinder program at a time.

Navigating free kinder subsidies within long day care

Children attending a funded kindergarten program in long day care can benefit from a $2,050 Free Kinder subsidy, paid directly to ECMS as the program provider. However, families may still incur fees based on their child’s attendance days and Commonwealth Childcare Subsidy entitlements.

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Accessible early learning and care

Supporting diverse needs

We focus on early learning that supports children to have a strong and positive identity, to feel a sense of belonging and to see themselves as confident learners who are capable and curious. Sometimes children might need a little extra help to feel confident and active within programs and we can provide extra support for families and children with specific needs to fully engage in the program. If you need additional support, please speak to your child’s educator.

Priority of access

Children who have additional needs, who are at-risk of harm and are experiencing vulnerability receive priority of access into our centres according to the Department of Education and Training guidelines.


Support for your child’s wellness

Sleep and rest

Educators are well attuned to your child’s social and emotional needs and will create a calm and relaxing environment for your child to rest or sleep according to their needs throughout the day. Please speak to your child’s educators to learn more about how your child’s rest and sleep will be supported.

Toilet training

Every child’s experience is unique, so we will follow your lead regarding your child’s toilet training and provide advice regarding your child’s developmental stage. Please speak to your child’s educators for additional information.

Your privacy matters


Our educators might capture moments of your child’s learning for our displays and promotional materials. We’ll only share these publicly with your written consent on your child’s enrolment form. If we plan to use these for media or external publications, we’ll always ask for your specific consent through a separate form.


Your privacy matters to us. Rest assured, your personal details, including addresses, phone numbers, and family composition, will not be disclosed without your consent. If you need to access your files or records, please reach out to your child’s Kindergarten. Refer to our Confidentiality & Privacy Policy for more information.

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