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Learn more about the people supporting our teams to foster lifelong learning across ECMS.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors comprises diverse professionals with various skills and expertise from different backgrounds in health, youth justice, finance, education, IT, local government, and First Nations.

Members of the Board

Vanda Fortunato

Board chair

Amanda Watkinson

Board member

Celia Pollard

Board member

Ellen Hooper

Board member

Linda Weatherson

Board member

Jason Talbot

Board member

Jenny Mikakos

Board member

Peter Lewinsky

Board member

Ryan Mistry

Board member

Executive Leadership Team

Meet the people driving our strategic direction and leading our dynamic teams across the organisation.

Andrew Hume

Chief Executive Officer

From a deep passion for creating lasting impacts, I lead our teams as we discover our unique positioning within the early childhood education space and identify the optimal type and pace of change needed for successful growth. Driven by a passion for creating lasting impacts, I thrive on helping the individuals within our organisation unlock potential they never knew existed. With a deep fascination for making changes ‘stick’ organically, my favorite question to explore is ‘why’. Beginning my career with multinational corporations, I now serve as both CEO and board member at ECMS.

Rebecca Hand

Director of Early Childhood Education

As the Executive member for Early Childhood Education at ECMS, I lead the early education strategy, partnerships, operations and practice. The first five years of a child’s learning matter and last a lifetime! Working in early childhood education is a privilege as it plays a vital part in shaping the brain’s developing architecture. For me, early childhood education is world-making practice- if children have a great start, they will have a great future.

Stuart Braganza-Travis

Director of People and Strategy

As Director of People and Strategy, I focus on ensuring we have clarity of purpose, elevating great people and getting behind an ambitious plan. I look after our People function, organisational strategy and planning, special projects, and shaping the future of our services. We should give children the space to explore their identity, pursue their curiosities, and enjoy being young with the support of caring, secure adults to lean on as and when they need it.

Aisha Singh

Director of Corporate Services

The Corporate Services team I lead supports our services by maintaining high financial rigour, offering insightful business analytics, and enhancing our technology and facilities management. A concept resonating deeply with me is—’Artha Shanti Phala Vidya’, a Sanskrit saying meaning, “The true aim of education is to spread peace.”

Kate Smith

Director of Marketing and Communications

I lead a dynamic team responsible for enrolments and supporting our service leaders to showcase the remarkable work of ECMS. Education is world-changing and world-making. Working in early childhood education allows us to support families and children in this space.

Early Childhood Education Team

Get to know the team leading the quality agenda through education, thinking, reflective practice and operations across our services.

Emma Forsyth

Head of Pedadogy

As the Head of Pedagogy, I delight in all things Early Childhood Education and have had the pleasure of exploring practice and pedagogy at both a teaching and leadership level at ECMS since 2015, and in both Australian and New Zealand contexts since 2009. In my current role, I lead the research, design, and implementation of our Pedagogical Framework and am the head collaborator with external research partners and academics. I firmly believe (and research backs) that the Early Years are such a transformative time in a child’s life, and the difference that warm, responsive relationships and meaningful interactions make, can literally be life changing.

Kathryn Main

Head of Practice

As Head of Practice, I enjoy the privilege of leading a transdisciplinary team of practice coaches, family and child trauma consultants and allied health professionals that step into learning alongside our teaching teams to foster curiosity and grow their practice. I have always been passionate about joining hands with others and creating brave learning spaces for critical reflection, growth and connection. From the moment I stepped into my first teaching position to date, I have felt deeply the privilege of being able to meet families and children where they are at, building connections and strengthening attachments.

Karen Hughes

Head of Operations

I look after the team responsible for ensuring operational excellence, quality and implementing strategic changes across all our services. A key focus is developing a rich culture of employee engagement and professional growth through continuous learning. The key to success is developing a strong collaboration between pedagogy and operations, or ‘Pederation’. The opportunity to contribute to fostering a love of learning for children in a positive, safe and nurturing environment is one I value.

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