Childcare Resources

We’ve compiled some helpful information and resources to help guide your family through your child’s early learning experience.

Accessible early learning and care

Inclusion support

Our early learning and childcare centres prioritise meeting the diverse needs of all families and children, providing additional support when necessary.

Please speak to your child’s educator if your family or child will require additional support to access the early learning program fully.

Priority of access

Children who are at -risk of harm, have additional needs, and vulnerable children receive priority of access into our centres, according to the Department of Education and Training guidelines.

Managing fees and Subsidies

Paying childcare fees

You can pay your invoice via direct debit. If you would like to organise a payment plan for your fees, you can speak to your centre. For further information on making payments, view our fees policy.

For the breakdown of centre fees, visit your specific centre page.

Childcare subsidy

The Australian Government supports families by subsidising childcare costs through the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), which is directly paid to services. This subsidy depends on your combined family income, the activity level of both parents, and the type of childcare service you choose. For more information, you can reach out to Services Australia, contact your service, or visit Centrelink.

Supporting your child’s wellness

Breastfeeding and breast milk

We fully support your child’s nourishment at our centres. You’re welcome to visit at any time to breastfeed. Our educators will assist in finding a comfortable environment for you and can provide expressed breast milk by bottle as needed. Please speak to your centre for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Sleep and rest

Educators will create a calm and relaxing environment for your child to rest or sleep according to their needs throughout the day. Please speak to your child’s educators to learn more about how your child’s rest and sleep will be supported.

Toilet training

Educators will follow your lead regarding your child’s toilet training and provide advice regarding your child’s developmental stage. Please speak to your child’s educators for more information.

We respect your privacy


At times, our educators may capture wonderful moments of your child for our displays and promotional materials. Public sharing of these moments requires your written consent on your child’s enrolment form. For any use in media or external publications, we will always seek your specific consent through a separate form.


We respect your privacy. Your personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, and family composition, will not be shared without your consent. Feel free to contact your child’s centre if you need to access your files or records. For more information, please refer to our Confidentiality & Privacy Policy.

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