Research by government and education bodies shows that when it comes to a child’s early learning, two years are better than one.

Monmia Kindergarten educators Jennifer and Melissa believe integrating these first two years of learning has an enormously positive impact on a child’s development. They say when children learn together, they progress faster, whatever their age. 

Jennifer explains, “Three-year-olds will take direction from four-year-olds about how to do things like using the bathroom and resources, and how to share and take turns. The four-year-olds get re-enforcement, and they’re much more settled and confident”.  

2024 is Monmia’s third year of rotational multi-age programs, with groups increasing from 22 children in 2023 to 24 in 2024. With growth comes opportunity, and this month Monmia welcomes a full-time Diploma Educator to the team. 

Melissa says there are always challenges when trying something new, but they are well and truly outweighed by the benefits. More children have greater access to quality local education and develop new skills by learning together. 

“Children don’t see any differences or distinguish by age. To them, you’re all at kinder, you’re all in the same group.” She says that watching children sit down and play and be together is joyous and works because “We scaffold wherever they are developmentally.” 

Jennifer explains how the centre’s programs are carefully designed with every child’s needs and abilities in mind. “We cater to differences and know every child is a capable learner who loves teamwork.” 

Monmia’s parents and carers support the centre’s multi-aged programs. “They’re really happy. We had initial trepidation from some parents with three-year-olds, but once we talked to them about how it works, they realised how beneficial the program would be to their child and they love it! Jen and I are completely sold, we’re 150% behind it” 

About us:  Monmia is a single room integrated 3- and 4-year-old kindergarten in the rapidly expanding outer north-west suburb, Keilor Downs.