ECMS has partnered with Deakin University to undertake a study into how young children’s popular-culture interests can be used to engage them in learning about healthy eating, exercise and sustainability. 

Children regularly bring their popular-culture interests into early learning and care settings in the form of toys, food packaging and clothing motifs. However, the curriculum doesn’t typically link these interests to learning outcomes. 

In 2014, Deakin University worked with educators from Alamanda Kindergarten and Werribee West Family Centre to generate 20 learning outcomes that could be linked to children’s popular-culture interests. For example; understanding nutritional food panels, understanding sugar/fat content, growing foods, living and non-living things, recycling, and energy intake/expenditure. 

This year the following ECMS services will be involved in the study:

  • Janet Mundy 
  • Caulfield 
  • St John the Baptist 
  • Cambrian 
  • Melton Central 
  • Bridge Rd 

The progress of the study will be published in the Early Years: International Journal of Research and Development next month. ECMS will hold a launch event to communicate the findings. 

We thank all participating services for their commitment to this study. Your efforts are strongly valued. 

If you would like more information about this study, or any other research projects ECMS is involved in, please contact Kate Lording on