Early childhood experts have shared their tips on a range of important parenting topics. 

Liz Westover: What types of activities teach young children about maths and numbers? 


Annette Sax: How can I tell whether an early learning centre celebrates Aboriginal culture? 


Maria Aarts: How can I positively lead my child? 


Maria Aarts: How can I support my child’s learning through play? 


Maria Aarts: What are some effective ways of giving positive feedback to my child? 


Shelli Giosis: How do I know when my child’s ready for school? 


Shelli Giosis: How can I prepare my child and family for kindergarten or childcare? 


Anthony Semann: How can I help my child manage feelings of anxiety? 


Anthony Semann: How can I manage sibling rivalry? 


Eight benefits of quality early learning and care 


Anthony Semann: What makes a quality early learning centre for children under five? 


Louise Dorrat: What are the benefits of children playing in their natural surroundings? 


Loraine Fordham: What are the benefits of quality early learning and care programs? 


Loraine Fordham: How can I tell if a kinder or childcare centre is an inclusive environment for all children? 


Glenda Grummet: How do I manage my stress levels as a busy parent so it doesn’t impact my child? 


Anthony Semann: How can I discover what my child is learning in kindergarten? 


Anne Kennedy: Introducing new foods to fussy toddlers 


Louise Dorrat: Tips for reducing your child’s screen time? 


Anne Stonehouse: Should children play outdoors in the rain? 


Anne Stonehouse: What does ‘family-centred practice’ mean in an early childhood setting? 


Anne Stonehouse: Self-esteem 


Dr Louise Porter: Strategies for disciplining children aged five and under 


Dr Louise Porter: Tips for settling children into kindergarten and childcare 


Kathy Walker: The positive impact on your children when you participate 


Glenda Grummet: How can I support my child’s mental health and well-being? 


Beverly Allen: How do I know if my child is ‘ready for school’? 


Beverly Allen: How can we continue our child’s education and development at home?