ECMS educator Salma from Newport Gardens Early Years Centre shares her top 5 tips on easing separation anxiety, so your child can optimise their learning and fun at kindergarten or childcare. 

Salma’s 5 Tips for Managing Separation Anxiety 

1. Develop a good relationship with your child’s educators, giving them as much information as you can about your child, the feelings they’re experiencing and anything you’re doing at home to help their separation anxiety. 

2. Tell educators about the types of activities your child loves and their favourite books, so educators can engage in these activities with your child when they arrive at kindergarten or childcare. 

3. If your child has a comfort toy or item, it’s a great idea to bring this to their early learning environment. 

4. We don’t recommend parents stay too long at the start of session as this can make it harder for both children and parents when it is time to leave. Always tell your child when you’re about to leave and when you’ll be back, but don’t drag out the goodbye. 

5. Often, we find parents are more anxious than children. But rest assured, your child’s educators have plenty of experience with separation anxiety and will be there to reassure and support you and your child at every step. And we generally find separation anxiety eases after a week or two in a new environment.