Research is an important driver in our practice at ECMS. Therefore, we’re pleased to be partnering with Deakin University, Australian Catholic University and Southern Cross University for The Healthy Super Heroes Project. The study looks at how young children’s popular-culture interests can provide a platform for children to learn about healthy eating, physical activity and sustainability at kindergarten. 

During the study university students interviewed children from participating ECMS services and provided training for educators to implement activities relating to key outcome areas. Educators at Werribee West Family Centre devised a number of fun and educational activities, including a very successful ‘lunch box week’. This entailed children bringing their own lunch instead of the centre providing it. Each day the children and educators would calculate the sugar and fat contents of their foods and display these for parents to see. The centre held another ‘lunch box week’ later in the year and educaters were pleased to discover that families made much healther food choices the second time. 

The preliminary findings of The Healthy Super Heroes Project have been published in the esteemed journal – Early Years: International Journal of Research and Development. To celebrate this publication ECMS recently held an event at Werribee West Family Centre where we heard from Helen Skouteris from Deakin University and from a number of ECMS educators who participated in the study last year. 

A special thank you to the children from Werribee West Family Centre for dressing up in superhero costumes to mark the occasion!