The Department of Education has alerted us to an issue relating to the expiry dates on EpiPens that we need to bring to your attention. 

Alpharpharm have identified an issue with discrepancies being noted between the batch numbers and expiry dates on EpiPen adrenaline autoinjector boxes and the batch numbers and expiry dates on the EpiPen devices inside the boxes. The reports have come from pharmacies in a small area of Victoria. 

Consumers are being asked to check the expiry date on each EpiPen device and compare it with the information on the box. If these dates do not match, return the product to the place of purchase for replacement and inform Alphapharm directly on (07) 3000 6294. 

Regardless of whether you have the box or not, if the expiry date on the actual EpiPen indicates the EpiPen has expired, the EpiPen must be replaced with a new one as soon as possible. EpiPen adrenaline autoinjectors should not be kept beyond their expiry date. 

All ECMS services have been reminded to regularly check the expiry date of any EpiPens kept by the service. 
Parents will be informed of any individual EpiPens that are found to be out of date and reminded to visit their doctor to obtain a new prescription. 

Additional Information 

More information about the alert can be found online, see: 

For information on managing anaphylaxis in early childhood services, see: