ECMS Educator Giulianna from Thinking Kids Children’s Centre in Parkville tells us about a book the toddlers in her room love, Quiet by Paul Bright 

What’s Quiet about? 

It’s set in a jungle where all the animals are busy making lots of noises such as birds chirping and insects humming and buzzing. It’s so noisy that baby Leo the lion’s parents are worried he’ll never be able to sleep. So, Leo’s father roars, “QUIET” to all the animals, and tells them he’ll eat them if they wake Leo up…and so it continues. 

What do the children learn by reading this book? 

Children learn about being respectful to others such as their friends; something we talk a lot about. If your friends are sleeping, we use our soft voice. When we are inside, we use our soft voice. In relation to these animals who respected the order, they learn that the lion’s a very strong animal. The children also learn about animal sounds and what animals do. 

What do children love about this book? 

It’s a very fun book to read. And the children love learning about the different animals and copying their noises. 

Quiet comes with a free CD version of the book.