Start a veggie patch with your child to engage their senses, help them learn about healthy eating, the environment and responsibility while enhancing their fine motor development. Your little one will love finally getting to eat the veggies they’ve helped grow! 
Have a picnic in the park on a warm spring day, a fantastic way for your child to explore nature, and run around and play in an open space. Invite your child to help you prepare yummy, healthy snacks for the picnic and a list of what to bring. 
Take a day trip to the coast in or around Melbourne where your child can build sandcastles, search for shells and run around. 
Go for a nature walk in one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks or public gardens. Here your child can explore the changing spring sights and sounds such as birdlife, trees, leaves and flowers. 
Make art and craft using natural materials collected from your garden or the local community. This is an excellent way for your child to connect with their world, develop fine motor skills and use their imagination.