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Yarra Valley Preschool

Kinder now is free for 3 and 4-year-old children. Read more here.

Families and the broader community

We acknowledge children learn in the first instance from being part of their family. That's why we develop relationships with families to facilitate appropriate care and learning in all areas of development, including social, intellectual and physical.

  • We provide a homelike, relaxed, caring, nurturing, and secure environment where children and families feel welcome and confident to realise their full potential. 
  • We encourage family and community involvement within their capacity. 
  • We celebrate diversity (religious, cultural and otherwise).
  • We embrace indigenous culture within our programs.
  • We share information regarding children’s learning and development through a variety of modes.


We believe children have a range of abilities and promote these within our programs.

  • We aim to see life from a child’s point of view.
  • We treat children as we would like to be treated, with respect, trust and kindness.
  • We aim to ensure each child's wellbeing.
  • We believe children’s rights are paramount.


  • Our teaching is be based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework practices and principles.
  • We offer a play based program which includes open-ended activities which cater to a broad age range and level of abilities.
  • Our interactions with children are paramount in promoting their learning
  • We promote children’s creativity and imagination to enhance problem-solving skills and deeper thinking.
  • We will embed principles relating to literacy and numeracy within our everyday conversations and activities with children.
  • The environment is set to promote independent learning and play.
  • Our programs include intentional teaching based on identified priorities.
  • We promote a culture of shared learning.
  • The program is flexible to cater to children’s needs, interests, and learning on a day to day basis.
  • We aim to provide a positive learning environment.


We collaborate with children, family members, co-workers and the wider community in developing our programs.  

Our planning and practice promote our view of the child.

We view children as capable, successful learners, confident, creative, individual, resilient, and risk takers.

We believe in reflective practice to strive for optimal outcomes for children and their families.

Additional training

Staff undertake regular professional development to maintain current and innovative practices.  


Our management practices are collaborative, effective, positive, professional and organised.



Facilities and programs

Our programs are based on the National and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework through a play-based learning approach. Play-based learning enables children to investigate, explore and discover. Our programs provide children with the opportunity to develop their skills in a real way and for a real purpose. We provide a well structured environment that allows children to grow according to their nature and potential. In order for children to extend upon their own learning and gain the meaning of their world, we facilitate activities based on their interests. Alongside a play-based program, we hold high expectations for all children to promote progression and higher achievement in learning. In our preschool, children feel safe and comfortable where their feelings of self-worth are enhanced. Children are helped to manage and express their emotions, to develop empathy, consider the opinions and rights of others and build emotional resilience to meet the challenges that are part of life. Special features of our program vary from year to year depending on the interests of the children.

Four-year-old Program

The four-year-old program aims to achieve the set goals for individual children and the larger group, so they progress to the best of their ability.

Three-year-old Program

The program for the three-year-old group aims to encourage social skills and builds upon children’s independence and confidence while promoting a love of learning. These are recognised as not only as skills required to progress onto further education but indeed, for the rest of their life.


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2023 Timetable

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