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Edithvale Preschool

Edithvale Preschool is a warm and welcoming community kindergarten offering high quality and inclusive three and four-year-old kindergarten programs. Our Preschool has been an integral part of the Edithvale community for more than 60 years and over this time we have enjoyed strong partnerships with local entities.

We offer high quality and inclusive three and four-year-old kindergarten programs. Our team of nurturing and experienced educators will partner with you to develop a play-based learning program that supports your child to realise their potential. Even more importantly, our educators will ensure your child is safe, secure and happy while in our kinder. 


Highlights of our kindergarten

  • An expansive outdoor area and playground featuring a ‘mud kitchen’, engaging sensory panels, vegetable patch, a water tank and a chicken coop.
  • Engaging and flexible indoor and outdoor play spaces filled with plenty of natural resources to support learning.
  • Children use our Interactive Smartboard to investigate their ideas and access exciting programs including yoga, music and movement, cultural experiences and educational games.
  • Children participate in regular excursions in our local community, including visits to Edithvale Primary School, BUPA Aged Care Facility and Chelsea Police Station.
  • Children learn about life cycles and caring for animals through our Chicken hatching program.
  • Regular social events for families throughout the year, including art and trivia nights and social barbeques.
  • Parents and educators can share and receive live updates about children’s learning via the Storypark ePortfolio.

"We have found the kinder to be fantastic. The staff are friendly, caring, helpful and always have a smile on their faces. The kids love going because there are so many different activities to get involved in like raising chickens, making playdough, growing plants, painting, role play, playing in the large outdoor area, and plenty more. The kinder has a really nice community feel and our kids have made some wonderful friends there." Breearna R

"Our kids love their kinder, and we do too! Edithvale Preschool has such a friendly, welcoming feel - a real gem in our local community" Claire D

Play is the best way for children to learn. That's why at Edithvale Preschool your child's learning program will incorporate a variety of open-ended and structured play-based learning experiences. Activities will be guided by your child's interests and capabilities, ensuring your child gets the most out of their early learning experience.

Activities will include:

  • language and literature
  • music and movement
  • art and craft
  • dramatic play
  • science and maths  
  • sensory motor activities
  • activities to promote physical coordination
  • incursions and excursions based on the children’s interests and needs.

These play-based activities will help your child develop important social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive skills.

All our learning programs are based on the National Early Years Learning Framework “Belonging, Being and Becoming” and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Our indoor play space is filled with an abundance of natural light, providing a bright and welcoming learning environment. Our Kinder classroom features an open-plan design that enables educators to set up flexible play experiences that foster children’s imagination, curiosity and exploration.

Our Kinder classroom opens onto our spacious natural outdoor environment, which is surrounded by wonderful native trees and shrubs. Your child will have access to our array of natural resources and play equipment to support their learning, including:

  • a ‘mud kitchen’
  • water tank
  • wooden sensory panels, including a music and water wall
  • a sandpit
  • picnic tables
  • Chicken coop
  • a trampoline
  • large tyre
  • bikes and scooters
  • digging patches
  • swings and a slide
  • a cubby house
  • vegetable garden beds
  • shaded climbing equipment.   

Your child’s kindergarten program will be delivered by Edithvale Preschool’s experienced, passionate and nurturing educators. Our educators are wholly committed to ensuring each child receives the best possible experience at our centre. 

Educators will work in partnership with you – your child’s most important educator – to develop an early learning program that reflects and builds on your child’s interests, curiosities and skills. Educators will also recognise and celebrate your child's unique background and culture, incorporating these into their early learning program. 

Educators will share live updates about your child’s learning via Storypark - a secure, login based ePortfolio. Documentation may include photographs, videos, learning stories, and samples of your child’s work. Storypark will also allow you to contribute to and comment on what your child is doing while in care. You can share your family activities and your child’s updates with educators via Storypark too.

If your child has additional needs, our educators will work with you to ensure your child gets the most out of their early learning experience. Our educators can also connect your family with specialist support if required. 

Meet our educators

Hi, my name is Kate O’Mara, and I am the Educational Leader and Teacher of Green Group (four-year-old) at Edithvale Preschool. I have loved working with children in a range of settings over the past 1

0 years, including teaching at Edithvale Preschool for the last four years. I hold a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from Deakin University and a Diploma of Children’s Services from Holmesglen 

Institute. I view learning as a lifelong journey and believe in supporting children to reach their full potential through a range of planned, spontaneous (and fun!) experiences at Kinder. I’m very proud of our preschool and the importance we place on our partnerships with families and our wonderful local community. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, being active, travelling to new places, meeting new people and attempting to bake! 


My name is Kate O’Leary, and I am the teacher of the four-year-old Red group and the three-year-old Blue group as well as being nominated supervisor at Edithvale Preschool. This is my third year at Edithvale Preschool, and I just love the community feel of the Kindergarten.

I have previously worked in services that are co-located with primary schools, and I am so proud of the work we have done to build connections with our local primary school over the past two years. We have a close relationship with the primary school and have the school children come and regularly visit as well as taking the Kindergarten children to visit the school on many occasions during the year. I believe this helps to create a smooth transition to school for all children.

I am also passionate about building connections with other local organisations such as our local aged care facility where we take the children for visits and exploring our community parks and the Edithvale wetlands through local walking excursions.  

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