ECMS policies

ECMS has developed a range of policies to cover all aspects of operation, quality, health, safety and wellbeing in our early learning centres. Please contact us or speak to your child’s educators if you have questions or feedback.

Educational program and practice

Educational programs

Positive guidance 


Children's health and safety

Acceptance refusal of authorisations

Administration of first aid


Asthma action plan

Asthma Management

Child authorisation risk/benefit assessment template guidelines 

Child safe environment 


Communication plan 

Dealing with infectious diseases 

Dealing with medical conditions

Death of a child

Delivery and collection of children

Dental care 


Duty of care

Emergency management



Excursion request form

Excursion risk management plan assessment template

Excursion permission form

Excursion volunteer letter pro forma

Excursion volunteer agreement pro forma

Food handling and preparation

Heatwaves guidelines


Incident injury trauma illness – incident reporting

Incident, injury, trauma and illness record 

Individual risk minimisation plan

Late collection of children

Medical management plan


Medication record

Nutrition, food, beverages and dietary requirements

Ongoing medication authorisation record 


Regular outing permission form for parents

Regular outing request form

Road and car safety V01 

Sample risk minimisation plan for children prescribed midazolam 

Seizure first aid 

Service risk management plan

Sleep and rest 


Supervision of children 

The protection of children

Toileting independence (including nappy changing)

Water safety


Physical environment

Building safety checks and maintenance of buildings

Daily indoor checklist

Daily outdoor checklist

Storage and handling of hazardous substances


Quarterly safety checks


Staffing arrangements

Employee’s children at ECMS 

Description of certified supervisor

Determining the responsible person of the service

Role description certified supervisor – placed in day to day charge 

Role description Nominated Supervisor

Qualified educators 


Relationships with children


Interactions with children


Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

Diversity and equity

Parental access and involvement 

Role description volunteer

Volunteer and family helper participation

Volunteer and family helper participation pro forma


Leadership and service management

2017 enrolment form

Assessment and rating process

Code of conduct 

Confidentiality and privacy

Complaints and feedback

ECMS policies, procedures and templates


Fees kindergarten

Fees ELC (childcare)

Four-year application information form - Manningham July 2016

Four-year-old kindergarten application process

Governance and management of ECMS

Hours of operation

Jewellery and other valuables


Priority of access

Professional development

Student participation


Three-year application information form - Manningham July 2016

Three-year-old kindergarten and 3+ activity program application Information - Wyndham Region

Three-year-old kindergarten application information

Three-year-old kindergarten application process all services

Use of images

Water safety

Work health safety