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Derby Meadows Preschool

Kinder now is free for 3 and 4-year-old children. Read more here.

At Derby Meadows Preschool we offer three and four-year-old kindergarten programs delivered by a team of professionally trained and caring early childhood educators. Our educators have created a safe and secure environment where your child can express themselves freely, celebrate cultural diversity and enjoy their kindergarten experience.

Our play-based learning programs will offer your child the opportunity to grow and develop in a warm and stimulating environment. Our programs are flexible and adapted according to your child's needs and interests. We believe it's important that your child helps shape their learning experience.

Our educators will create a fun and caring learning environment for your child. We will empower your child to develop self-confidence while being respectful of others. We promote the importance of respect for each child’s cultural identity and recognise your child as an individual with unique talents. It's important to us that we help develop your child’s emotional, social, spiritual, mental, environmental and physical wellbeing. With this in mind, our educators have developed our learning programs based on educational objectives that give children the opportunity to reach their potential and best support their transition to school.

Facilities and programs

At Derby Meadows Preschool we understand the importance of physical activity and will provide your child with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

We are a sustainable preschool, and your child will have the opportunity to learn more about their environment through water recycling and helping tend to our veggie patch.

We aim to:

  • Support families and communities through developing strong partnerships
  • Provide play orientated adult supported programs that meet the needs of the individual children, their families and community
  • Nurture each child’s unique qualities and potential
  • Respect parents as their child’s primary model and teacher
  • Provide opportunities for children with additional needs to be integrated into our programs
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of children, families, staff and in the community where we live and work
  • Create a work environment that encourages professionalism, growth and diversity.

We believe:

  • All young children and families are entitled to high-quality care and educational programs that provide a stimulating, safe and caring environment
  • Children need to be respected, valued, happy and have a healthy self-esteem
  • Children should have access to a program that helps them learn about themselves and their environment, encouraging them to reach their full potential
  • Children should be encouraged to be independent, to ensure strong foundations for learning
  • Children’s cultural identity should be respected and children recognised as individuals with unique talents
  • In valuing our staff and the power of teamwork
  • Parent involvement in their child's learning should be actively encouraged. 

2023 Timetable

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4 year old group 8:30am - 4.00pm 8:30am - 4.00pm
Multi age group 8:30am - 1.30pm 8:30am - 1.30pm 8:30am - 1.30pm