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5 September 2017

Altona Kindergarten celebrates its 60th Birthday

Altona Kindergarten celebrated its 60th Birthday with a special afternoon tea recently. Past, present and future children, families and educators attended the event, along with the Hobsons Bay Mayor.

At the event, the kindergarten launched a Street Library – the first of its kind in Hobsons Bay – filled with books residents can borrow at any time. What a fantastic way to give back to the community and promote the value of reading.

Well done to the team at Altona Kindergarten for this fantastic initiative. And congratulations on reaching the 60-year milestone!

“Colourful” Science Week celebrations at Bridge Road Kindergarten

“Colours” was the theme of Science Week at Bridge Road Kindergarten. The children learnt all about colours via these fun and engaging activities.

1. Walking water – two jars with food colour, one blue and one yellow, were linked together with paper towel to a third empty jar to show children how flowers and plants move water from the ground beneath them, up through their stems and into their petals and leaves.

2. Colourful flowers – white flowers were placed in test tubes with different coloured food dye to show how plants transport water up the stem, via the Xylem, to reach the leaves and petals and hydrate them.

3. Colour mixing – children were given food dye in jars containing the three primary colours. The children then dropped food dye onto absorb paper and observed the new colours that were made by mixing colours together.

Cooking lessons at Brookside Preschool

Buz-Nanna (meaning great-grandmother in Maltese) recently visited Brookside Preschool in Caroline Springs to make fresh ravioli with the children.

The children loved their cooking experience and it was a fantastic way for them to learn about cooking, identity, community, culture, language and social engagement.

The ravioli was delicious too!

Maribyrnong River Children's Centre’s Pyjama Day fun

Maribyrnong River Children's Centre recently participated in Pyjama Day to raise money for the Pyjama Foundation, which provides children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills and confidence.

Children had a great time taking part in special activities and sharing stories about their sleep time routines.

Indigenous art, bush kinder and cooking at Somers Parade Kindergarten

It’s been an exciting time at Somers Parade Kindergarten in Altona recently.

Aboriginal artist Annette Sax visited Somers Parade Kindergarten to speak to children about Aboriginal culture. Children shared their understandings of Aboriginal people and culture and discussed the flags and different symbols. Annette then read a book she had illustrated, taking the time to discuss characters, bush tucker, animals, and symbols, as well as demonstrating how she used nature to create the illustrations. The children then watched on as Annette drew Aboriginal symbols in the dirt and using chalk. The children were encouraged to think about what the symbols could mean, or which animal could have made the different tracks.

Somers Parade children have also been learning how to make damper on their camp fire. The children helped mix the dough and took it in turns to roll the dough balls before they were placed on the fire. While waiting for their damper to cook, children sang songs, counted and discussed camping, fires and safety.

Here's the recipe the children followed.

The children have also loved venturing into their local community each week for their Bush Kinder program.

Bush Kindergarten is not only lots of fun for the children, but it's also so beneficial for their development. The program encourages children to use their creativity and imagination through playing with natural materials. It also helps them build gross motor skills and develop social skills such as cooperation, negotiation, and teamwork and lots more.

Promoting the value of reading at Thinking Kids Children’s Centre

Children at Thinking Kids Children's Centre in Parkville took part in a different activity every day of Book Week recently.

Children and educators dressed up as their favourite book characters to promote imagination and role-play. The children were also encouraged to bring their favourite book to childcare to share with the group during story time as a way to promote literacy and numeracy.

Outdoor adventures at Watts Street Children’s Centre

The babies at Watts Street Children's Centre have been enjoying outdoor adventures in the centre's new four-seater pram.

Wearing their high vis vests, the babies have been setting out for strolls in their local neighbourhood. Along the way, they have met local residents, including a gorgeous six-month-old puppy, Paris. They have also seen a construction site in action, some police cars at the local police station and more.

The children and educators look forward to more excursions in their new wheels.

Watts Street Children’s Centre is also thrilled to be a top three finalist in the Local Leader Grants program. The centre applied for a grant for a revamped outdoor play space filled with more natural resources and fruit trees to enhance children's well-being and development.

The final grant recipients will be announced at an awards breakfast at The Langham Melbourne in October. Best of luck to the Watts Street team!