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4 July 2017

National Reconciliation Week celebrations

To celebrate National Reconciliation Week in June, children at Maribyrnong River Children's Centre took part in a Wurundjeri Indigenous Cultural Education Session.

The children loved learning about Wurundjeri people, their language, and the objects they used, via stories and games.

Children from Watts Street Children’s Centre in Box Hill learnt about indigenous culture, people, art, and different themes around reconciliation. Children had some fantastic answers to questions on reconciliation and respect.

How do we look after each other in Australia?

“We talk to each other nicely and give people food so they don’t go hungry. That’s how you look after all the people in Australia” – Meera.

“If people in our land are hurt we can make sure they are safe. We can make them feel safe by just holding their hands” – Matilda.

“Offer people help if they are sick and offer them good food”  Emilie.

How do we respect the Land?

“Pick up all the plastic so our Earth doesn’t get sick”  Emilie.

“Pick up every bit of rubbish so the people and the animals are happy”  Matilda.

“Help creatures by planting more trees”  Meera.

Over at Thinking Kids Children’s Centre in Parkville, children and families took part in a Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony to celebrate National Reconciliation Week and the launch of their Reconciliation Action Plan.

The children walked around the smoke to symbolise walking together on Wununjderi land while moving to the sounds of the didgeridoo. The children also performed their version of the acknowledgment of land.

The centre’s reconciliation plan reflects the values of learning and enrichment, connectedness and responsiveness. Educators are committed to reflecting on their practices and asking themselves what we can do every day to build positive and inclusive futures for every child in Australia.

Children at QV Children’s Centre have been exploring children's stories with origins in Aboriginal history and culture.

After reading Minkgill Chases the Rainbow recently, children voted on an illustration from the book to paint.

Encouraging children to paint illustrations from the day's story enables children to engage with written and oral texts. Through this experience, children can explore different line and colour styles, observe the author's illustration, discuss colour mixing and rainbow properties.

Delta Road Kindergarten children had a special visit from Mitch and Ian from True Culture.

The children had a wonderful time learning all about indigenous culture via fun and engaging activities.

Nurturing nature lovers at Bulldogs Community Children’s Centre

In honour of World Environment Day last month, kinder children at Bulldogs Community Children’s Centre in Footscray brainstormed ways we can help keep our world safe. Their ideas included, using both sides of the paper, turning taps off properly, caring for plants and insects, using less 'natural' things, reusing old things such as boxes and plastic bottles, and picking up and putting rubbish in the bins ("No littering").

Children also cared for the worm farm and collected 'worm wee' to water the garden, discussing its benefits. Children reused food scraps in the worm farm. They also used recycled water from the water tank and puddles to water plants and demonstrated care for their environments by offering to sweep the outdoor yard.

It’s fantastic to see children learning so much about caring for their environment from an early age.

Discos and drumming at Thinking Kids Children’s Centre

Children and educators at Thinking Kids Children's Centre held a Red Nose Day disco to raise money for SIDs research. There were lots of creative disco moves from all the children and staff, especially the centre's fantastic cook, Rose.

Well done to the Thinking Kids' team for supporting this worthy cause and teaching children about the importance of giving back. 

The children also had a great time learning how to play African drums and instruments during a recent incursion. The children discovered where the instruments come from, what they're used for and the different sounds they make.

The zoo comes to Werribee West Family Centre

Children at Werribee West Family Centre enjoyed a special visit from Jamie and Kim's Mobile Zoo.

Children had the chance to learn about and hold three types of lizards, a golden possum, wombat, dingo, frogs and a baby crocodile. What great fun!

Newport Gardens Early Learning Centre’s travels back in time

Children from Newport Gardens Early Learning Centre recently visited Williamstown Cemetery for the official “switching on” of the newly restored 100-year-old foundation.

The event featured costumed characters, old fashioned games and lots more to teach children about what life was like 100 years ago.

The children were so well behaved at the event they've since received special certificates from the Cemeteries Trust for their excellent behaviour!