Play & Learn with ECMS

9 June 2020
Play and Learn with ECMS

New resources for families – Play & Learn with ECMS from home!

Play & Learn with ECMS is a program developed to support families to engage in everyday learning opportunities with young children at home. Knowing that the best opportunities for learning and development happen through play, Play & Learn with ECMS supports children’s physicalemotionalsocialcognitive and language development through sharing with you a range of learning experiences that:

  • engage children in everyday activities with you,
  • utilising every day resources found at home, with the aim to
  • learn together, strengthen relationships, and to have fun!

​Developed by our team of early childhood educational experts, Play & Learn with ECMS incorporates literacy, maths, science, technology, environmental education and the arts into experiences that you can implement at home. Our collection will grow over time so that you can look forward to new content often. 

Learning happens every day, all day and we are excited to share with you Play & Learn with ECMS. We hope you enjoy our selection of high quality, evidence-based learning experiences with your child.  

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