Children's Book Review - Our Magical Rainbow Tree

18 June 2019

ECMS Teacher Jamila from Seaholme Kindergarten tells us about her book, Our Magical Rainbow Tree.

What inspired you to write Our Magical Rainbow Tree?

A few years ago we were doing a project on sustainability, and we realised there weren't many Australian books about the environment. Around this time, I travelled up to Cairns to see my parents and visited the Daintree Rainforest. I knew a local author, Aly Walsh, and she came and read her story to the children. I asked Aly whether she could write a story on looking after the environment and trees. And she said, “Why don't you write one?” So I did!
I had my family as well as the kindergarten children and their families involved in writing this story as well. So that was great. And there's a page in the story with each child's fingrprint is part of the leaves on the tree. So they're a big part of the book.

What’s Our Magical Rainbow Tree about?

My nephew, Charlie, and my daughter, Ruby, are the main characters. Ruby has moved to a new home in the Daintree Forest where she discovers a very special and rather beautiful rainbow tree. She is very excited that her cousin Charlie is coming to visit. She knows he will love the Magical Rainbow Tree too. Ruby and Charlie love the different colours on the tree and slowly, they begin to pick them and take them home. After a while, they see the damage they have caused. It makes them very sad. They had not meant to destroy the most beautiful tree they'd ever seen. Ruby and Charlie resolve to care and love to bring the tree back to life.

What do children love about the book?

They love that they can relate to it. It ties in with our sustainability program at kindergarten. We have chooks, a veggie patch and a compost bin, and we look at looking after the environment. We talk about recycling, and we talk about sustainability and the beach. Last year we put in for a grant for an indigenous inspired garden, where we grew native plants, and we learned how to do rock painting. 
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