Children's Book Review - Old Friends, New Friends

9 May 2019

ECMS kinder Teacher Theresa from Newport Gardens Early Years Centre tells us about one of the children’s favourite books, Old Friends, New Friends by Andrew Daddo.

What’s Old Friends, New Friends about?

It’s about a girl going to a new school. She’s a bit nervous at the start, and then gradually she finds her way to fit in and make new friends.

What are the key messages in the book?

The key message is that sometimes you might feel a bit nervous, but you just need to be brave to make new friends. So, it's good to read at the start of the year, especially during transition time of Term 1 and Term 4. Our children can see what kind of emotion, what kind of feelings they are going through, how they manage these, and strategies for settling in.

What do children love about this book?

It reminds them of some of the things they like to do with their old friends and then the new friends they make in their new environment. They love talking about their emotions as well when they read this book. And they'll say like, "I like riding a bike with my old friends, but I also like to run and play with my new friends."

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