Children's book review - Where is the Green Sheep?

7 March 2019

ECMS Educator Marina from Alamanda Kindergarten tells us about one of the children’s favourite books, ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ by Mem Fox.

Why have you chosen to review Where is the Green Sheep??

The Green Sheep is a favourite at the moment because I have a child who adores it, and we have probably read it about five times ever session! He found separation from his mum challenging last year. So we got him interested in this book and he then he came to look for it every session. It helped with his anxiety to have that familiar book.

What’s Where is the Green Sheep? about?

It is just beautiful because it's about looking for the green sheep and the anticipation through reading each of the pages builds up to finding the green sheep at the very end. And we go through lots of other sheep, and they're all different colours, doing different things, etc. 

What do children learn by reading this book?

There is lots of learning going on. A thin sheep, a wide sheep, a swing sheep, a slide sheep, but where is the green sheep?

So it's building that question as it goes through the story and the children anticipating, "Where is the green sheep?" He's not there, so every page they have to look, see what colours the sheep are. So it's great for colour recognition, and lots of other concepts; little, high, or low, different types of sheep are doing different things on every page.

You can spin off with the conversation such as, "Do sheep really go swimming?" So there are lots of ways to extend the children's language as you read through, and a near sheep and a far sheep, so again concepts.

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