Children's book review - The Book With No Pictures

7 March 2019

ECMS Educator Keah from Alamanda Kindergarten tells us about one of the children’s favourite books, 'The Book With No Pictures' by B. J. Novak

What’s The Book With No Pictures about?

At the start of the book, you tell the children you're a monkey, and you taught yourself to read. And then you go on and say that your head's made of blueberry pizza and you sing a song. 

The best part of the book is toward the end where you make a ridiculous amount of sounds, and then you ask them to please never let you read the book again, because it's much better if they choose a book with pictures, because this book's just ridiculous. And so then they ask you to read this book 200 times a year!

What do the children learn by reading this book?

I think the main learnings for children are that it's okay to be a little bit silly sometimes. That group times are not always all serious. And they learn that we value their input and their listening, and when they ask us to reread it, we will. And that's showing we appreciate them and their input and their interests in our sessions.

What do children love about this book?

Children really love this book because it makes grownups say silly things, like saying that your best friend in the whole world is a hippo called Boo Boo Butt. So if you walk past one of the classrooms when somebody's reading this book, the children will be cackling with laughter. It's really great too because it's so interactive. It asks questions, and it gives the children a chance to yell out things, like, "No", and, "Yes", and just to see their teachers being a bit more carefree and silly.

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