Children’s book review - Can I Join Your Club?

5 February 2019

ECMS Teacher Matara from Oakhill Children’s Centre in Reservoir tells us about one of the children’s favourite books, Can I Join Your Club? by John Kelly and Stephen Laberis.

What’s Can I Join Your Club? about?

It's about a duck who wanted to join a club. He's been rejected from many animal’s clubs, and eventually, he decided to start up his own club and include other animals in the club. It's a great, positive end.

What do children learn by reading this book?

It shows children how to build secure relationships with other children and peers, as the duck has done in this story. It also shows a great way of building the courage to move on and resilience to bounce back.

We’ve used this as a way to help transition toddlers into our room through the orientation period, to help them feel secure and confident enough to build relationships with new friends in this group.  

The book helps the kinder children who are moving onto primary school have the confidence to move on and make friends. The story does also end on a note that you can never have too many friends. So just being inclusive and realising and remembering you don't just have to have one type of friend. You can be inclusive and have many friends.

What do children love about this book?

They love making the animal noises, but they also love the end pages, where all the animals come together. They're all mixed; they look different, they sound different. So it's a great accomplishment to see. 

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