ECMS strategic plan

Our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan – Expect Great Things  represents an exciting next phase for ECMS. It’s an opportunity for us to positively influence the lives of more children and families by providing high-quality, accessible and inclusive early learning experiences and by being an agent of change in service delivery, policy and system design.

Our strategic pillars for 2016-2020

To achieve our mission for children and families we’ve created the following six strategic pillars that will underpin our work over the next five years. 

1. Early learning excellence:

We’ll consistently demonstrate best practice in delivering early childhood education and enriched caregiving.

2. Growing with innovation:

We’ll develop multiple early learning service models that respond to changing family and community need.

3. Progressive in our response:

We’ll design and deliver progressive and innovative responses to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.

4. Research-driven change agents:

We’ll be informed by and contribute to the latest research while advocating for positive change to policy, service and system design.

5. Our people:

We’ll attract and build an empowered workforce that is supported and engaged with aligned values and a passion for sector leadership.

6. Platform of sustainability:

We’ll deliver consistent financial performance, enabling sustainable growth and reinvestment in our services.

Outcomes for 2020

We know that high-quality early learning and care amplifies children's development. It also delivers social and economic returns that will contribute to Australia's future prosperity. 

In the next five years, we're committed to positively impacting on the lives of children, families, and communities. We seek to achieve the following outcomes:

1. Quality:

Our services will be consistently exceeding national standards.

2. Access:

Our services will reach 70 per cent more Victorian children and families and be representative of the diversity of our communities.

3. Inclusion:

Our services will be reaching and responding to more vulnerable children and families in need.

4. Partners:

We will be a trusted partner in service delivery and a valued leader in driving positive change.

5. People:

Our professional workforce will grow by a third while our employee retention and engagement levels will continue to increase.

6. Financial:

Our organisation will increase revenue sustainably while delivering a consistent and responsible return.

Moving forward with confidence

We'll stage our plan to ensure the long-term sustainability of our services while upholding our quality, access, and inclusion principles. At each stage of this Strategic Plan, we will expect great things of ourselves and others.

We'll deliver this plan across three stages, starting with a renewed focus on building our platform of early learning excellence.

In the first stage of our plan, we are making changes to the way we work. We are streamlining systems, improving processes and strengthening our partnerships. We are also investing in our people, leadership and practice. During this initial phase, we will pilot some exciting new initiatives and services.

In the second stage, we will explore more new ideas, opportunities to scale initiatives and extend our reach. 

The final stage is an opportunity to reflect and renew, looking beyond 2020.