ECMS Launches Exciting New Vision Purpose and Strategic Plan for Children

30 May 2019

ECMS was delighted to launch its new Vision, Purpose and Strategic Plan for children at its 2018 Annual General Meeting held in Melbourne last week.

ECMS Chief Executive Officer of one year Kim Bertino, says, “Our Board and Executive Team have undertaken significant work over the past 12 months to understand better the difference we can make for the 6500 children accessing our services, for our workforce and our sector at large. As part of this work, we have created a strong new Vision, Purpose and 2019-2020 Strategic Plan that reflects our evolution as an organisation.”

Ms Bertino said, going forward, ECMS’ work will be underpinned by a Vision for every child to realise their right to a strong foundation for lifelong success. And a redefined Purpose to make every day count by providing high-quality play-based learning in a safe and inclusive environment – ensuring that children and families in our community thrive in life.

Four key focus areas and strategic goals will provide a roadmap for the work ECMS will undertake over the next 18 months:

  1. A financially sustainable model of operation – ECMS will be a responsive and adaptive organisation, scalable to meet future demand.

  2. Connected communities and engaged stakeholders – ECMS will create positive experiences and relationships, shaping policy and practice.

  3. Engaged and empowered workforce – ECMS will achieve high performance through a supportive culture, professional development and collaboration.

  4. Leading through exemplary practice – ECMS will deliver exemplary educational practice based on a philosophy of continuous improvement and an evidence base.

“These changes will allow us to be even more purposeful in our work and a financially sustainable and scalable organisation into the future,” said Ms Bertino.

“We are excited at the opportunity to increase the impact we have on positive outcomes for children, particularly during the years of heightened brain development and amongst those who are experiencing vulnerability through a universal access lens.”

ECMS will now embark on various projects that align with its new direction, including a brand refresh and website redevelopment.