Children's book review - Whoever You Are

6 March 2019

ECMS Educator Corinna from Altona Early Years Hub tells us about one of the children’s favourite books, Whoever You Are by the ever-popular Mem Fox.

What’s Whoever You Are about?

It's about children from all over the world. Children who laugh and cry, play and learn, eat and sleep. It describes how everyone may look different, but how at the end of the day everyone's pretty much the same on the inside. Everyone hurts. Everyone's blood is the same when they have a cut or fall over. Everyone has a heart, and everyone has the same sort of feelings.  

What do children learn by reading this book?

I think it’s a great way to teach the kids about the differences between children, that not everyone's the same on the outside, but ultimately, they are the same on the inside. Children recognise that, so when we're finished reading it we often will ask them questions about the book, and they've picked up on that well.

What do children love about this book?

The children love learning about children from all over the world. That their schools are different, their mums and dads are different, the languages they speak, etc. 

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