Children's Book Review – Lest We Forget

7 May 2019

ECMS kinder Teacher Darlene from Thinking Kids Children's Centre tells us about one of the books her children loved reading around Anzac Day, Lest We Forget by Kerry Brown.

What’s Lest We Forget about?

It's a really child-friendly way of exploring Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. One of our children had been to the War Memorial, and this started a discussion just before Anzac Day. We thought this would be a beautiful way to explore discussions around children's understanding of what Anzac Day is all about.

What do the children learn by reading this book?

It helps with empathy, with understanding different peoples experiences and points of view. There was a really nice message in there about days we would like to remember, and days we'd like to forget. That started several conversations with the children who could then relate to the Anzacs in their own life experiences.

What do children love about this book?

They love that they can relate to it. There are two stories going side-by-side. One of a war veteran and one of his grandson and how their experiences cross over throughout their lives.

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